Who I Am

We are living in challenging times.

After two decades spent recruiting and developing talent for innovative organizations, I wanted to use the experience, network and skills I have built to really contribute something to the world. I firmly believe that compassionate and innovative leaders and talent are the key to solving the greatest global challenges. It is my mission to help such people build purposeful careers and companies by connecting them with equally promising start-ups, non-profits and corporations with a conscience.

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I spent the past five years as part of the founding team of THNK, a global executive creative leadership program based in Amsterdam – it draws selected top corporate innovation leaders, disruptive creative entrepreneurs and inspiring social entrepreneurs from around the world to help them learn to be truly transformational leaders. My task was to find the most impressive people on the planet (no pressure), and every six months, create a group of 35 inspired change-makers who could help create solutions to large societal challenges and, at the same time, grow as leaders in their own businesses. In this role, I developed ties with groups such as McKinsey, TED, Ashoka, Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Venture Capitalists, Impact Investors, Tech for Good and the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders network. How could I help but be inspired?
I am also a parent. A few months ago my youngest son asked me, ‘Daddy, what did you become in life?’ I had to think for a few seconds, but my answer was: ‘Someone who helps other people find a job where they can make the world a bit better.’ I was happy I could give my son that answer – and that’s what I want to give everyone I work with: the opportunity to not only love their work but also feel truly good about what they do.

Are you ready for recruitment that makes an impact? Contact me.

What I Do


Helping organizations build their own internal recruitment teams by helping them find the top talent that will revolutionize their recruitment processes.
Advising clients and professionals on how to best develop talent.

Who I Serve

Meet the unique needs of unique customers.

For-Purpose Organizations

Companies or organizations that have a dual mission. On the one hand disrupting sectors and scaling their business and on the other hand have a positive societal impact.

Innovative Professionals

Experienced professionals that seek a career-change where they can combine career and personal growth together with an impact that is aligned with their values to make the world a better place for all.

My Clients


“Eduard has been instrumental in finding creative leaders from around the globe for the THNK Executive Program. He uses his extended network, his razor sharp headhunting skills and his firm belief that societal change happens through leadership. I would recommend him in an instant.”

Femke Bartels, Managing Director THNK

“Eduard is a true expert in the field of Talent acquisition and recruitment. He combines quality, authenticity, speed and a breath of experience in global recruitment (corporate, startup and social enterprises). With Recruit for Good he helped Rockstart greatly with some recruitment challenges and he has a unique mix of People skills, Business sense and a Societal drive. I would hire him on a next assignment without hesitation”

Rune Theill, Co-Founder and CEO Rockstart

“Working with Eduard was a great experience. Our dynamic organisation required a review of our benefits package and HR processes, to identify where and how to improve. Eduard is very clear, and efficient with his work. His experience and expertise is apparent as he was able create a framework for our organisation and identify gaps and where we perform well. He is committed to stakeholder buy-in, which means that his recommendations land easily within the organisation. He is honest and no-nonsense, with a commitment to mission-driven orgs and therefore was a great match to work with on this project.”

Chloe de Roos Feinberg, COO at Circle Economy

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